Research & Development

Mechrise is an innovation driven company which ignites new ideas in developing products with in the mechanical applications like, Technology, Industrial ,Medical, , Environment and many more sectors with the help of enthusiastic students & professionals. We use the latest techniques to explore benefits and risks which helps product making process much easier.

Mechrise is pledged to serve the field of innovation by providing one stop solution for a product development using its immense knowledge, skills and experience for the future advancements. This century has been full of innovations, new technologies, new products, new services and whole new industries have emerged to lead the society. Now it's the ideal time to join together for the rise of innovation.


T - Technology

  • MICA

I - Industrial

  • AEDO
  • COPR
  • AUGE

M - Medical

  • BION

E - Environment

  • H20

Human Resource Management


Mechrise is Ambitious in serving the Mechanical field to know and understand oneself and the world of work in order to make career, educational, and life decisions much easier. Our team supports in gaining a better understanding of what really matters for them personally, how they can plan their careers autonomously & help in making tough decisions and getting through times of crisis.

Mechrise has made an intense survey in both Industrial & college arena for the main cause of unemployable in the mechanical segment. Students are scoring good marks but not with the required skills, employed are unable to grow in their career due to lack of training & development. The reason many are unable to discover the potential of experience with advanced technologies can rise their career multifold. So here we are to give the best support & shape up each individual career to reach their passion and enhance to transform growth.


Mechrise strongly believes and works on the principle "when you stop learning, you stop growing" training is an essential part of each individual life. Mechrise bridges the gap between the Industry & academia by reaching people and inspiring them to realize their potential. Our Training team always encourage our customers to continuously develop themselves & be a driving force in the mechanical domain of their choice.

Mechrise training programs are customized to mechanical enthusiasts who would love to Start, enhance & change their career. We are here to convert every impossible to possible, we make it as easy as possible for everyone to develop skills, knowledge and grab the given opportunities to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Mechrise professional team have put all our experience and knowledge into formulating CAD, CAM, CFD, CAE, CMM ,QC & CNC courses that is an ideal blend of theoretical knowledge as well as practical applications in the industry through empirical training methodology that will help you get job ready and prove your potential in the company right from the day one of your joining.


Mechrise team adapts to the latest available jobs in the Mechanical field like Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, Energy, Power, Mining & other Industrial machinery sectors. We create an individual placement profile for every mechanical job offer, compares this with our data on existing candidates and carries out a profiling procedure to determine the right candidate for the suitable role. We work along with the Industry and job seekers to understand the need and facilitate a successful match.

Mechrise is specialized in providing Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), where we undertake a company's complete recruitment process in our hands by understanding the Job Role, Experience, Skillset, Salary & Location requirement, we will identify and keep constantly updated with the most suitable opportunities available in the market. We have well-structured assessment tests based on each level of experiences to evaluate the strengths & weakness of individual candidate as per global benchmark. We're dedicated to connect ordinary people with great companies, and look forward to make our recruitment team work for you.


Engineering Services

Mechrise has a well-established Engineering Services practice for addressing the concerns faced by product development teams. We provide multi-platform expertise like in CAD/CAM/CAE/ CFD/CNC/CMM/PLM & many more.

Mechrise engineering services have enabled customers to create improves designs, analyse design problems, improve product efficiency, manage design data from multiple sources, migrate from one design platform to the other, adapt to new software releases, and so forth. Our services span across a number of sectors like Automobile, Aerospace, Defense, Mining, Industrial Machinery, Dies and molds, press tools, CAM Utilities and Others.

Mechrise team Comprises of skilled engineers who apply their experiences in design, automation, engineering analysis & product development to the needs of customers in a variety of industries. We undertake both on-site and off-site jobs or provide resources to work on client projects.

Mechrise is specialized in providing end-to-end solutions from conceptualization, industrial design, engineering design and analysis. Our expertise in diverse engineering applications has helped a wide cross section of industries in India and abroad achieves their objectives successfully.

Corporate Trainings

Mechrise holds a group of certified repute professional trainers with rich corporate background over 25 years of experience exposed to State, National & International level.

Mechrise programs are well structured and designed to cater the needs of every cross section of the society. Our methodology is very simple, Expediential, Friendly customization story telling & Real life inspiring motivating examples through Videos, PowerPoints, Games, Evaluation, Presentations, Role play, Assignments, Study material and post evaluation & also certification.

Mechrise conducts customized trainings, seminars, workshops for Industries, working professionals, students and engineering faculty on imparting value-added knowledge in Engineering Design, Modelling, Simulation, Programming, latest technology updates & manufacturing trends to watch out for at their respective locations or at our well-equipped facility in Hyderabad.


Mechrise undertake Various Corporate trainings to MNC, SMEs, Schools, Colleges & Unemployed youth on Attitude, Skill development, Work life balance, Vision, Mission, Goal setting, Time Management, Team Building, Meeting management, Decision Making, Human values, Assertiveness, Work behaviour, Etiquette, Manners, Public Speaking, Presentation skills, Entrepreneurship Development & Mentoring.